As seen: Outspoken Women in Tri Summit

As seen: Outspoken Women in Tri Summit

The annual Outspoken Summit presented by Triathlete Magazine  is a collaboration between Shift Sports and Live Feisty Media. Its goals are to:

– Directly address systemic barriers to women in triathlon and all sports
– Develop solutions to increase and sustain women’s presence and leadership in triathlon events and the business of triathlon
– Provide women in triathlon with leadership skills they can utilize in their personal and professional lives.
– Build connections between women at all levels of triathlon, from a group participant, to professional athlete, to business woman
– Develop the next generation of women’s leadership

Leading from the Inside Out

Our theme this year, Leading from the Inside Out, is a recognition of the personal work we each have to do to engage in social change and effective leadership in our communities. Once we have clarity about who we are and our “why,” we can develop action plans and strategies to enact the kind of positive change we wish to see in ourselves, our communities, and the sport and industry of triathlon.

Attendees of Outspoken include:

+ age group triathletes
+ professional triathletes
+ coaches
+ industry professionals
+ race organizers
+ members of the media
+ YOU!

What is Outspoken?

Outspoken is an opportunity for women in triathlon to connect with like-minded women, hear from industry leaders, and develop leadership skills related to their role in triathlon. The summit will provide a rich forum that will help develop strong voices, inspire others and advocate for change in the sport you love. Together, summit attendees will work to elevate women’s triathlon and women in the business of triathlon through partnership, community, a focus on solutions, and skill development.

Why Outspoken?

There is a noticeable gap between triathlon and women: women are still underrepresented in the sport and in the sport’s leadership positions. We decided this continued inequity needs to be addressed. We want to bring together women’s voices in triathlon to engage in discussion, learning, and strategy development. The Summit will provide women with both individual leadership skills as well as drive a coordinated approach to gender equity in triathlon. Our voices are stronger when woven together. The Summit strives to amplify our voices and to enact real and sustained change in the sport.


Rachel Brenke from FitLegally® spoke on pressing legal issues for entrepreneurs in the triathlon industry.

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