Race Report: 2017 Richmond Half Marathon

Race Report: 2017 Richmond Half Marathon
This is going to be a super short race report as there really isn't much to report.  Richmond Half Marathon is one of my absolute favorite courses.  Relatively flat and good energy.  It isn't scenic like Brisbane or Ironman Maryland but it is definitely one to feel the energy of.  With it being within driving distance, it makes for a low-cost half or full marathon without stress and money expense.  Results
  • Cold as all get out (23 degrees at start)
  • 30+ minute Course PR
  • 5 mile PR
  • 10k PR
  • 10 mile PR
  • Half Marathon PR
  • Park near finish and uber to start (or vice versa)
  • Bring throw away clothes (like a robe from Goodwill) for the start
  • Run the tangents - this seems to be the only course I really can obtain this
  • Ignore the music - turn off the headphones- enjoy the energy!
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