Partner Review: Marc Pro Recovery Unit

Partner Review:  Marc Pro Recovery Unit
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How I used the Marc Pro Recovery Unit to prep for The Ironman World Championships

Going through training for Ironman World Championships I realized, more than ever, the need for recovery and keeping my body in top shape. With one of the toughest courses and elements before me, I jumped at the chance of testing out the Marc Pro system.   Marc Pro Review by Fitlegally   There are four main stages that regulate muscle recovery when you're adequately hydrated, nourished, and rested. Muscle activation, which happens through movement, is vital to each stage. Marc Pro assists in recovery through movement by introducing electric stimulation into the body to keep the muscles moving without high-intensity strain. Currently in the triathlete market, Marc Pro is used extensively with Heather Jackson and Andy Potts leading the way. I'm not a scientist so I can't speak to the claims of recovery - I can only speak (below) about how I felt from using. Read more about Recovery with Marc Pro here.  

How to use the Marc Pro:

A 10-20 minute session before activity can be a great warm-up. For the best recovery benefit, we recommend using Marc Pro shortly after workout completion or before the end of the day for 30-60 minutes. For improved conditioning, use Marc Pro on the target muscles at least three times per week for at least 30 minutes. Select the area you need to recover and work on - attach the probes - turn on- sit back and RECOVER! You can read more directly from the company here. Wondering how the heck to use this? Check it out here.

My Personal Review:

Keeping in mind, I did receive a demo model to use the system  HOWEVER, I only include favorable review of products on my site for things that I truly believe in.  I started using the Marc Pro approximately 6 weeks prior to the Ironman World Championships primarily on lower back, hip and gluteus areas. Outside of athletics, my career consists of traveling for speaking engagements and A LOT of flight time.   The high quantity and length of these flights has lent to much restriction in flexibility and comfort in these areas - the Marc Pro helped to allow me continue high volume training then jumping on a plane and keeping the muscles active during long periods of travel.  The system plugs into wall for charging but then has extensive battery power.  The compact size and battery are two major benefits to this system. Overall, two thumbs up for this product and I plan to keep it as part of my long-term recovery treatment plan.    


Use code FITLEGALLY for $32 off a Marc Pro and $47 off a Marc Pro Plus - Check it out here. Marc Pro Review by Fitlegally Partner Review: How I used the Marc Pro Recovery Unit to prep for the Ironman World Championships
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