The Ultimate Triathlete's Gear List

The Ultimate Triathlete's Gear List

Here you will find our listing of the recommended Triathlete Gear based on your level type.  Remember, everyone's preference will vary so we only speak from experience and do not guarantee the quality or success for use of these products.

Remember, everyone's preference will vary so we only speak from experience and do not guarantee the quality or success for use of these products.    

General Tri

  • TriSuit - This suit will be on you in some form or fashion throughout the race.  A full piece or two piece will depend on preference and length of race.  For newer triathletes I recommend a one-piece when going shorter lengths such as the Pearl Izumi.
  • Coeur Tri shorts
  • Race Belt - to hold your nutrition, and most importantly - your number for bike and/or run


  • Pull Buoy - Any pull buoy will do - this is depending upon personal prefence and comfort for your legs.  I recommend the TYR Pull Buoy for the ease of use for mom's with larger thighs and the price at around $9 and free shipping on Amazon. I do NOT recommend a kickboard/pullbuoy combo - I have found personal difficulty in keeping these between my legs
  • Goggles - These are definitely preferential based on what is comfortable for you.  I recommend the Speed Vanquishers, however, they can get quite dark for during Open Water Swims.
  • Cap - Swim caps will help to keep your hair out of your face, and can also keep your goggles on in the event that you are kicked during an open water swim.  I am partial to silicone swim caps such as these.
  • KickBoard- For training on getting your kick right, a use of a kickboard is important.  There are many different types. Amazon has a bunch that you can choose from here.



  • Aero Bars - Aero bars are great to get you into that aerodynamic position but when a Tri bike isn't in the budget clip on bars are the way to go. I recommend the Profile Design for about $65.
  • Helmet - USAT requires a helmet to be on and strapped before the mount line, and not taken off until after you cross the dismount line.  I recommend the Giro Revel ($40) or  Giro Savant ($80).
  • Bike - This sounds obvious but you need to seek out a road racing or triathlon bike.  Use of a mountain bike might work for mini or super sprint distances but it is imperative to get the appropriate style and fit for you.
  • Bike Shorts - Padded shorts will help the lady bits not feel so painful on long rides. While you do need to work up that area without it (such as for shorter tris where you don't wear bike shorts), I recommend Pearl Izumi ($50) or Ohuhu Gel Padded ($14.99).
  • Sunglasses - Get a good pair of glasses to help keep the elements (sun, rain, wind, dirt) out of your eyes.



Running shoes should always be fitted by a running specialist! Head to your local shoe store (avoiding big chain stores) to get your gait analyzed and fitted. 
  • Baseball cap/visor
  • Swift wick socks


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