Recommended Digital Contract Signing Tools

Recommended Digital Contract Signing Tools

Digital contracts are everything now. They provide efficiency, safety, and prevention. How so?

Why use digital contracts?

#1 Efficiency

Ditching the hum-drum of requiring your clients to download a large PDF, get to their printer, unjam their printer, go buy more ink, come home, unjam their printer again, sign, scan, try to resend back a super large file, emails blocking large files…you see where I’m going with this?   Efficiency is key. Since digital contract signatures are legal, use the various systems out there!  Make it easy on your client.  More efficiency = lower frustration & barriers for clients to give you money.
Not to mention, need to review or resend a contract? Literally, click of a button.  No digging through your office.


#2 Safety

Digital contract signing tools can help to protect your client’s personal information.  Imagine – instead of random papers filed in your house, or studio. Now they are under lock and key online. Easy to access! (See #1)

Note:Free systems out there have the potential to allow your client’s information to be searchable. Yup, you read that right! Imagine, a client googling themselves and finding your contract public. Free systems do this. all. the time. Not all. But a lot.


#3 Prevention & Smiles

Getting all no-fun-but-necessary legal documents out of the way before the session you can safeguard your time, and prevent any potential issues (I.e. client says they didn’t have time to read and/or understand contract when you shoved it under their nose while their kids ran amuck in your studio).  Using digital contracts can keep everyone smiling!


Are digital contracts legal? 

I gave you the spoiler above! Yes!


What does FitLegally® recommend?

All of the recommended services have been tested and are lawyer-approved.
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