How to Cure Saddle Soreness

How to Cure Saddle Soreness

Having sore ladybits can be quite uncomfortable and make the bike rides seem long.  Take a look at these tips on reducing saddle soreness.


#1 Ride More

Sounds crazy, right? But yes, riding more can get the nether regions warmed up and used to the seat.  If you are just starting out, try to stick to a training plan that has short bursts of time on the bike.  If you grab your bike and head out for an hour bike ride, you'll be walking like a cowboy the next day since your body isn't used to it.  Ease into it gradually.


#2 Get Your Bike Fitted

Make sure that you have your bike fitted properly by a local bike shop, including the bike seat. Here are some tips on getting a successful fit from


#3 Get Better Shorts (Or Change Your Shorts)

Salute those shorts, and put new ones on.  It is not recommend to wear the same shorts two days in a row.  Since you're going without underwear (or should be!) to avoid chaffing, the changing to new shorts can help to decrease bacteria that is attaching to your nether regions.  

#4 Avoid Shaving

Avoid shaving your area at least two to three days before a long ride.  The grinding of yourself against the seat can irritate an already exposed area.  This can lead to additional soreness and possible physical sores in the area.  

#5 Treatments

Some people are more susceptible to getting saddles sores beyond the regular soreness down there.  If this happens, treatment of the sores is needed.
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