How essential oils can assist with athlete performance

How essential oils can assist with athlete performance
  For some people, a new year means a fresh start. People make resolutions, or pick a word for the year or just want a redo button. I believe that small changes throughout the year will add up and make a huge difference in your life. A huge catalyst for the small changes that affected my life were essential oils.   I know, I know ... insert eye roll. I want to talk about EOs and how to apply them to life as an athlete. Before we dive in, I want to talk about why.   People are demanding a healthier lifestyle. Consumers are becoming educated about what they use and what they put in/on their bodies. People are not oblivious to the fact that money is a driving force behind what is advertised and expected to be the norm. For me, that is where Young Living comes into play.   There are hundreds of essential oil companies out there. I will preface this with PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your research and make an educated decision for your self on who you decide to buy from. I did just that, and for me, Young Living came out on top. You can read why here.  

Being and becoming an athlete has its challenges.

Sore muscles, chaffed skin, weakened immune system, and even broken bones. The goal is to push yourself to your limits, breakdown to build up. This requires fuel, patience, determination, and support. All of this can be achieved with essential oils.  

What is an Essential Oil? Why are they so powerful and why can they help?

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. EOs were mankind’s first means of wellness, so complex and powerful that they can reach every part of our bodies on a cellular level. Smelling an oil affects the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored, helping to relax and clear the mind. One of the biggest ways an athlete uses EOs is topically. Because I’m a science lover, I would be remiss if I didn't explain what actually happens when you apply an oil to your body. Ever hear of Therapy Localization? It is a neurological phenomenon that happens when you touch a specific part of your body. That stimulation sends a message to your brain that you want to pay attention to that spot, anything you have applied you want it to work harder in that area. Pretty amazing stuff!


Alright…let’s do this! Here are some oils and what they do!

Copaiba - healthy skin, soothing, a driving oil(helps other oils work to the best of their abilities) Frankincense - healthy skin, balancing, spiritual awareness Thieves - Immune support, respiratory support, supports wellness and freshens the air Panaway - occasional soreness, tension, stressed nerves, joint support and circulation Purification - neutralizes odors…enough said! Deep Relief Roll-on - after workout, muscle support, energy boosting Oregano - immunity, digestion, metabolism Endoflex - supports endocrine system, supports Thymus, hormonal balance   Those are just a few oils and blends from Young Living I see used daily.   

Young Living is more than just oils. Their line of supplements is astounding.

   Ever hear about bioavailability? It is the extent to which a substance can be used by the body. All YL supplements contain essential oils because they dramatically increase bioavailability. Told you…science geek!   Master Formula - a PREbiotic multivitamin filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and food nutriments that build, sustain and repair our bodies.   Life 9 - a PRObiotic that contains billions of bacteria live cultures from 9 different bacterial strains. Everything starts from the gut including being linked to optimal immunity support.   Essentialzyme4 - Facilitates digestion and helps unlock nutrients from our food.   Sulfurzyme - Building blocks for hair, skin, nails and joints! Helps enzymes do what they need to do by holding them in the right place.   Aminowise - comprised of amino acids and antioxidants to assist in muscle fatigue and recovery, helps reduce lactic acid induced by exercise   Again, just a few supplements I think are important to mention. I myself take Life 9 and Sulfurzyme every day and Aminowise when I head to the gym. Another thing I keep in my gym bag is Cool Azul Pain Cream.     I hope this opened your eyes to all the wonderful things essential oils can be used for. So many people are misled and simply uneducated about this amazing topic, myself included at one time. Young Living Essential Oils has been a huge contributor in changing my lifestyle, my kid’s lifestyle! I am a firm believer in small changes having big impacts. If there is one small change you make in your fitness routine, let it be adding EOs to your regimen.    Learn more about Ronni, send a message, or order some oils here.
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