Disclaimers needed for fitness coaches

Disclaimers needed for fitness coaches
There are a few types of disclaimers and policies fitness coaches should consider including in the business materials (intake materials and advertising) and on their website. As technology has evolved, training clients at a distance has become another way for fitness coaches to diversify their clientele. From the top, when you include disclaimers on your website make sure that they are not hidden. A link on every page to your disclaimers and policies and perhaps a shortened version of your disclaimer at the bottom of every page or post would not be overkill, in fact you want them to be found and read. So, what are the disclaimers needed for fitness coaches? Disclaimers needed for fitness coaches roughly fall into four categories:
  • General
  • Medical
  • Personal
  • Results

Below are some examples you might consider – you’ll notice that there is some overlap.  You also may find that you will want to combine more than one from each category. This is where good legal advice can be a great help in preventing issues before they occur – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure (and all that).

General (for websites) One of the difficulties of offering information through a website is that you have no ability to screen clients like you do in person. One potential way is to offer a blanket disclaimer (in addition, not instead of) that states that entering the website, purchasing or using materials, programs etc. are covered by all of the other disclaimers.

A General No Warranties Disclaimer may be appropriate (although do speak with an attorney about whether this is appropriate for you) – here is an example:

You may also want to include a disclaimer for external links.




What Else? You may also want to use the requirement to read and acknowledge disclaimers as another way of ensuring your business is reaching its ideal client. For example, If this disclaimer scared you or dissuaded you from taking action then my information, products and services are not for you.  However, if this disclaimer inspired you to step up to the plate and make an honest effort at working with me and the solutions I offer – congratulations! I look forward to working with you. Ideally, you would have every client sign to acknowledge these disclaimers, but in a web environment this is close to impossible, so take a look at the General waivers included above – it’s a good idea to have your disclaimers and policies reviewed by an attorney familiar with the relevant state law depending on where your business in operating (and where it was formed), and with the fitness industry. Finally, take a look at our discussion of policies needed for your fitness website that might help limit liability. These policies would be in addition to disclaimers (but might include them)!      

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